Can Finclip be adapted to all types of open heel fins?

Finclip is a patented universal system that can be fitted to the most common open heel fins.


Can the heelpiece cause discomfort while swimming?

The ergonomic shape of the heelpiece does not impede swimming in any way; on the contrary it is supportive and far more comfortable than a strap. Furthermore, it’s particular conformation allows for easy removal of fins in the water too.


What colours will be available?

Finclip will be available in four colours: black, blue, magenta and yellow.


Where can I buy Finclip?

At the moment Finclip is only a prototype. We will go into production and begin distribution if the Crowdfunding project is successful.


How can I participate in the Crowdfunding?

To participate in our crowdfunding project, look for Finclip on Kickstarter as of 06/02/2017. You may pledge your contributions until the end of March and, based on the amount you pledge, receive 1, 4, 12, or 24 sets of Finclip at an advantageous price.


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